How to Identify the Next Bitcoin

by Jeff Yastine

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past year — you know that many cryptocurrencies have soared out this stratosphere.

For example…

  • Bitcoin: 1,300%
  • OmiseGO: 3,300%
  • Litecoin: 5,000%
  • Binance Coin: 8,000%
  • Golem: 8,400%
  • Ethereum: 9,000%
  • Dash: 9,265%
  • Stellar: 14,400%
  • Ardor: 16,800%
  • NEM: 29,800%
  • Ripple: 36,000%
  • Reddcoin: 132,000%.
  • Einsteinium: 262,000%
  • Verge: 1,580,000%

Tomorrow, Ian will be revealing his three-phase strategy that he uses to target extraordinary gains in this market.

But here’s the thing…

Ian says that of the 2,700 cryptocurrencies out there — only about 100 are worth investing in. And for every cryptocurrency that hands investors windfall profits (like the ones above) … there are dozens of cryptocurrencies that fail, and investors lose 100% of their money, like…

  • DAO
  • PayCoin
  • Gems
  • SpaceBIT
  • Bitgold
  • Cannabis Industry Coin
  • Euro Coin
  • Freedom Coin
  • Gemcoin
  • iCoin
  • Levelcoin
  • Polycoin
  • Solidcoin
  • Thecoin
  • Wikicoin

The fact is, each of these coins promised to be the next bitcoin … they raised millions of dollars … yet each became worthless … and most people can’t see the difference between a 100% loss and a 10,000% gain until it’s too late.

But with Ian King’s strategy, we have that potential … it’s as clear as day to him.

Frankly, I’d hate to see you invest in the wrong cryptocurrencies and make a costly mistake.

To ensure you don’t, Ian has put together two important crypto-mastery tools that he wants to put in the hands of everyone attendee of tomorrow’s presentation.

Bottom line, tomorrow you will learn the inner-workings of Ian’s patent-pending crypto trading strategy that will give you the chance to turn every $1,000 invested into $25,000.

You won’t want to miss it, especially since…

Ian Will Reveal the 1 Cryptocurrency You Should Buy Right Now

Ian has been following this cryptocurrency for almost four years.

He hasn’t told me much about it yet … other than that it’s a digital asset that has created a remarkable data storage system that embeds documents into bitcoin’s blockchain.

Ian expects this cryptocurrency to rise as much as 1,000% in the next few months alone … turning every $1,000 into $10,000.

Ian flies in tomorrow morning, and I plan to talk to him a lot more about this opportunity.

My gut says that a year from now, you will be one of the many people emailing in, telling us how you made investments that changed your entire financial outlook!

See you on tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST. The live webinar will be at

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See you at 1 p.m. EST sharp tomorrow.

Kind regards,

Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing