The Coming $7 Trillion Crypto Opportunity

by Jeff Yastine

While many people think the cryptocurrency bubble has burst and we are at the “beginning of the end” for cryptocurrencies…

Ian is confident that we’ve simply seen “the end of the beginning.”

To understand why, let me show you a chart of the world’s asset classes.

As you can see, all the money in banks, notes or other deposits is worth $83.6 trillion. The stock market is worth $66.8 trillion. Apple alone is worth $850 billion.

But cryptocurrencies … this new asset class … peaked at $707 billion this past year before dropping down to $500 billion.

The crypto market is small by comparison.

But as people begin to see cryptocurrencies as a new asset class, if they move just 10% of their money out of banks and stocks, then the cryptocurrency market will easily shoot up to $7 trillion.

Think about that … last year’s rally from $17 trillion up to $700 trillion was really just one-tenth of the potential growth.

We are just 10% of the way there … so 90% of the profits haven’t been had yet!

And that’s actually a conservative estimate. RBC Capital Markets believes cryptos will reach a $10 trillion market cap.

So we have a long way to go and a lot of money to make.

Now here’s the thing, these estimates are based solely on growth that’s spurred by retail investors, people like you and me … it doesn’t take into account the fact that Wall Street hasn’t started investing yet.

While Wall Street and the wealthy elite are typically the ones who get first dibs on new investment opportunities…

They are the ones who invest in the Facebooks, Amazons and Googles before they go public … they are the ones with allocated shares of the best IPOs … and they are the ones who make massive profits — while everyone else has to settle for their scraps.

The cryptocurrency market has been different.

Wall Street hasn’t invested … yet.

This market has been fueled by everyday Americans putting in few dollars here and there.

As shown, Wall Street has $66.8 trillion at their fingertips. As soon as they start investing, the cryptocurrency market will take off and likely surge right past $7 and $10 trillion.

In the last few months…

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) launched bitcoin futures … Goldman Sachs is expected to open an institutional crypto-trading desk … and billionaire ex-hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz is launching the world’s first cryptocurrency merchant bank.

There are dozens of other movements taking place behind the scenes.

This involvement of Wall Street proves that the smart money is beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as a new asset class … and that’s something we all need to pay attention to.

For the first time in history, you have the opportunity to scoop up the next Facebook, Amazon and Google of the cryptocurrency market before Wall Street.

Which is why there has never been a better time to invest than right now.

The fact is, TRILLIONS of institutional dollars are about to flood the cryptocurrency market. While we may have seen it grow to $700 billion in the last year … that’s merely 10% of its full potential.

That’s why Ian is certain we are at “the end of the beginning.”

Despite the fact that everyone has heard about crypto, only a few people actually own it, and you can still get ahead of the pack … there’s a lot more upside ahead.

However, the bigger picture here is the rise of a whole new crypto asset class that investors are just beginning to discover.

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Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing